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Autumn Journal Page

As we near the end of autumn, I thought I would make a page in my art journal celebrating the season using pressed leaves from our garden and from my parents’ garden. There are so many pretty colours from the different trees, creepers and shrubs.

For the background I used some of the free artist papers from Somerset Studio magazine. I glued on the leaves, then applied a coat of mod podge to the top of the leaves to seal and protect them as they are very brittle once dried. The photos are from recent walks, and I added an autumn poem that I wrote several years ago.

Floating, falling, drifting, swirling,
downward, sideways, high and low.
Spirited, lively, playful, carefree,
crisp and breezy, to and fro.
Amber, auburn, chestnut, copper,
old gold, russet, nut brown, mocha.
A colourful carpet of leaves everywhere;
farewell summer,
autumn is here!

We were surprised, on a recent walk, to see a mother duck with ten little ducklings swimming down the stream. It is the wrong time of year for ducks to be breeding and we can only assume it is a result of a very mild autumn, and hope that they all survived.

15 thoughts on “Autumn Journal Page

  1. Lovely pages, Christine. I love your poem too; it works really well on the page.
    I hope the ducklings survive too. Lots of things appear to be out of whack for the season. Our mulberry trees are already coming out in leaf.


  2. Beautiful journal pages. I love the poem as well. We are having fall like weather, as you know, and I am knitting a shawl today; however, warmer, more seasonal weather is expected tomorrow. I might get to wear summer clothes soon! Regards from 🇨🇦


    1. Thanks, Louise! I’m knitting a doggy jumper for Finn at the moment, preparing for when the weather gets cold. I don’t know if he’ll wear it, but we’ll see!


  3. Such beautiful pages and I love your poem! It always amazes me to think it’s autumn in your part of the world when we have spring 😊. Your pages pay tribute to autumn beautifully, the colours, photos are dried leaves look stunning. The carpet of leaves looks wonderful in the right hand side photo and the tree trunk is so interesting, it looks like a man with arms (grin!). So late in the season for ducklings, I hope they’ll be ok too! We have had sunny days here so we’ve been out walking and on our tandem, such fun 😁. Best wishes and enjoy your week! Jo x


  4. Beautiful colors on your pages Christine! I wish we could bring the duckies here, so that they would have Spring and Summer to grow big before Winter. Besides that fact that our local college mascot is a DUCK! 🙂


  5. Hi Christine! What a lovely tribute to autumn! Beautiful! Will the modpodge layer keep the leaves like that for a long time, I wonder? I’ve never tried that. Will it keep the colors of the leaves intact? The poem is sweet as well! I love it all. Keep creating! It is so relaxing. Bye bye for now fairy 😉


    1. Thanks Ingeborg! I have a journal page with leaves that I used modpodge on about three years ago and it seems to have worked well for protecting the leaves as well as keeping their colour. Happy creating!

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      1. Hi Christine! Thanks for letting me know. Another thing learned today! I didn’t knew that about Mod Podge and the use of it. Now i’m definitely sure that I shouldn’t get rid of my flower press. I hope you are doing great today! Stay safe! Blessings!

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