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Bath Time

We love to encourage birds to our garden. Every morning, the sparrows perch on the roof of my studio and watch me through the kitchen window, waiting for their daily feed. When I go out the back door, they fly around me in a flurry of excitement and follow me to the back lawn where I toss a couple of handfuls of wild bird seed onto the grass.

Inside my studio, I have a good view of them through the French doors where I can watch from a distance as they peck around on the grass, then have a drink from the birdbath. It is fun to watch them splashing around and playing in the water. Sometimes they are joined by finches or silvereyes or starlings. Occasionally bossy mynas will come and scare them away. The blackbirds hang around on the outskirts, foraging on the grass and in the garden for worms and grubs.

This little birdbath sticker was the perfect addition to the photos in my garden journal.

18 thoughts on “Bath Time

  1. Those photos are delightful, and the sparrows are having a lovely splashy time. Luckily we don’t get Indian mynas here, but we do have a similar native bird (called a noisy miner) which is just as bossy.


    1. Thanks, Jane! I just googled noisy miners to see what they looked like as I had never seen one before. It is interesting to see the differences between the two birds.


  2. Awwwww………. those cute sweet little house sparrows. Your pictures almost made me cry. I have a very special relationship with house sparrows. They are always so chatty and have this great attitude, haha. I love your bird bath. So so pretty! What a delight. You took fantastic photos of them! Blessings to you!


  3. What fabulous photos! I love the fluffy feathers of those little birds as they have their bath and it looks like they are helping water the garden too with all the spray they are making …lol πŸ˜‰. Such a beautiful addition to your garden journal too – perfect! Thanks for the smiles and wishing you a wonderful weekend! Jo x


  4. Wow! These are absolutely wonderful! Greats shots! I know they have been so much fun to watch! Your birdbath is beautiful too!


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