Winter Crafts

I recently saw an online tutorial for making beaded wind chimes, and when our local craft store had a sale with 30 percent off beads, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to buy some and have a go at making the wind chimes. There were so many beautiful beads to choose from, but I knew the colours I wanted, and that I wanted them to have some sparkle so that when the sunlight shone on them they would glisten and send happy rays dancing around the garden.

For a natural element, I added some seed pods, and used a stick from our garden to hang them from. I haven’t decided yet whether to hang it from the roof of my studio,

or from a tree.

You can find the tutorial for the beaded wind chimes here.

I love to knit over the winter months and usually have my knitting bag beside the couch with a project on the go. I learned to knit when I was about ten years old and fell in love with all the different yarns. I find knitting soothing. Handmade woollen things always seem so warm and cosy and inviting. My recent projects include a scarf for wearing on winter walks…

and a jumper for Finn to wear on frosty mornings. I wasn’t sure if he would want to wear it, but he seems to love it. He is quite happy to have it put on before snuggling up on the couch…

or under the quilt when it’s really cold.

He loves to lie on the sunny bench seat outside the studio.

Happy winter crafting to all my friends in the southern hemisphere, and happy summer crafting to all those in the northern hemisphere!

20 thoughts on “Winter Crafts

  1. That Finn looks so dapper in his winter coat. People forget that dogs too need protection against the cold in winter, especially as they age! Many years ago, my mother-in-law sewed a couple of winter doggie cover-ups with Velcro ties under the belly and around the neck…they have been so well used (and appreciated I am sure) during doggie illness or our winters!

    I love, love, love, your beaded wind chime. Thank you so much for adding the link to the tutorial. I have many odds and ends of beads and I am always looking for projects to use up leftover art supplies.

    Your scarf looks so cozy. Your winter is probably like our fall which is the season I love best because we don’t need the heavy winter coats and big boots yet. I wear shawls and cowls and scarves outdoors and feel quite elegant. Your yarn is beautiful. It even matches your chimes! Great job Christine!


    1. Thanks Louise. I hope you make the wind chime. It is a fun project and something beautiful to hang in the garden.
      We are having an amazing winter, really, with warmer temperatures and little rain. I am amazed how often I have been able to go out without a coat on. Sometimes it feels as though winter is not quite here yet!


  2. What a lovely, positive post! The wind chimes are beautiful, Finn looks handsome & happy in his jumper, and your scarf is very pretty. I know what you mean about knitting being soothing. For me, crocheting is almost like a meditation, at least when the project is not too complicated. Your words & photos have made me smile…thank you!


    1. Crocheting is something I have always wanted to learn and is on my list of things to try this year. I even have a teach yourself to crochet kit with a little book and crochet hooks ready to go! I’m glad you enjoyed the post!


  3. Awwww…… your doggie is so happy with that sweater! It shows! So sweet! I love your beaded wind chime! Beautiful beads! Did you also use miracle beads, did I see that right? The orange oval shaped ones, and some round ones? They are pretty! And what a lovely scarf that is too. It’s hard to imagine you’re in wintertime and it’s so hot (41 degrees Celsius) here in the Netherlands right now! Nevertheless i’m knitting too, just like you, haha. It’s never too cold or too hot to knit lol. I have a knitting bag beside me too, just like you! I have it from since I was 18 years old, can you imagine?! It’s a special knittingbag, white with dark blue sheep. Recently i’ve put it in the laundry machine for the first time 😮 It’s now brand new again. I always am knitting socks for my husband. I so much agree with you, there’s nothing more special than something handknit. Enjoy!!


    1. Thanks Ingeborg! I can’t remember what the beads were called. They could have been miracle beads. I have some yarn and a knitting pattern to knit some socks. I have never knitted them before, so it will be interesting!

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      1. Oh it’s so much fun to knit socks. I taught myself through a leaflet from Schachenmayr yarns. I always love to use 4ply wool/polyamid from Regia (which is from Schachenmayr). I’ve tried a lot of other yarns, but find that one best after laundering. It’s very sturdy yarn. If you need help there are tons of instructional video’s too on Youtube. I’m sure you will be able to knit socks. Happy knitting!

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  4. Wow, you have been busy! Your makes look wonderful, the wind chime looks so pretty with all those patterned beads 😁. I love your scarf and it looks like Finn lives it too, how adorable does he look all wrapped up – so cute! Sorry I’m so late visiting, I hope you’re having a wonderful week! Hugs, Jo x


  5. These are really beautiful! I would to try to make the bead wind chime when I have some time. I think I would have to do a simpler version. 😉 I wish I could knit like that too!


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