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Colours of Winter

We haven’t had too many days this winter that have been cheerless and grey, with rain and wind, the sort of day when all you want to do is stay inside and hibernate. More often the days have been calm and still, with some frosty mornings that are always followed by glorious sunshine, and it is on those days that I love to spend time in the garden, enjoying the beautiful winter colours.

Calendulas among the carrots, brightening up the veggie patch.

Lovely lavender.

Orange and grapefruit trees laden with fruit.

Pots of dianthus.

The beautiful camellia in the abandoned garden next door.

The Peace Lily in our living room, illuminated by early morning sunshine.

Simply magical…

For this page in my art journal, I collaged on some scraps of paper and teabags, applied texture with gesso, stencils, and lace, and painted the background in wintery hues. I then painted the colours of my garden: the starkness of the maple tree without its leaves, the red berries on the holly tree, the bright orange citrus, and the beautiful winter flowers. Lastly I added a few pressed flowers of the pansies and violas that flower throughout the winter.

22 thoughts on “Colours of Winter

  1. Such a bountiful garden…amazing citrus trees, lovely flowers…and awesome journal pages. I can’t imagine how those fresh fruit must taste right off the tree!

    Over here, we watch β€œCoast New Zealand” on Netflix. I think of you Christine as you are the only person I know, well, kind of, in New Zealand. Your country is spectacular!


    1. Thanks, Louise! Yes, New Zealand does have some spectacular scenery, particularly in the South Island. From what I have seen in pictures and on TV, Canada is a beautiful country too!


  2. Wow, your garden is looking superb! The flowers add such lovely colour and the citrus fruit trees are amazing, now you have me wondering what you do with all that fruit? Your pages are beautiful too, you have captured the winter feel perfectly with your background, I love the soft hues of colours and papers with the swirls, and the way you captured the different plants is wonderful 😁. I hope you are having a lovely week, enjoy the weekend! Hugs, Jo x


    1. Thanks, Jo! The citrus trees keep us supplied with fruit for several months, with enough to give away as well. It is so lovely to be able to go outside and pick an orange. Everyone seems to have citrus trees in their gardens around here. It is a perfect climate for growing them. Have a good week!


      1. How wonderful to pick your own fruit, I bet they taste amazing too 😁. I’m looking forward to picking some fruit from our new apples trees this year too, we won’t have as many fruit as you though …lol πŸ˜‰. Enjoy! Hugs, Jo x

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  3. Hi Christine! Wow, what a gorgeous journaling page you made! Beautiful!!! I love how you felt inspired by your own garden. That orange tree, wow! It’s huge! It’s still so weird to know that in your part of the world it’s winter and here in the Netherlands we’re in the heat of summer. So great that you still have lots of flowers during the winter though! I love your Calendula’s. Beautiful! The plant you have indoors (Spathyfillum)…… I have those two! I have 3 of them. The are air cleaners, did you know that? Mine are giving flowers as well at the same moment as yours. How special that is that you have those too while so far away! I hope you are doing well! Blessings to you and happy creating!


    1. Thanks Ingeborg! I love that plants can clean the air and make your home healthy as well as being beautiful. I have only had my Peace Lily for a few months, and it has been flowering all that time. I love it!


      1. Yes, it’s a very sturdy plant. It never lets me down either. I have mine for years already, and they are very reliable and easy to maintain. I didn’t knew they were named ‘Peace Lily’s’. That makes them even more special!!! Fairy hugs!

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    1. Thanks Bernice! Our winters are fairly mild. We have morning frosts, but we don’t have snow. Daytime temperatures are usually up between 12 and 17 degrees celsius, so there are always still lots of things flowering in the gardens over winter.

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